My lessons


The recent snowfall has had an impact on my life in many ways.  I expect my readers could tell stories of how it has affected their lives, too.

Disappointment is mainly what I’ve experienced.  Inconvenience, discomfort, danger; these I’ve escaped, though many other people have been dealing with these as a result of the snow.

I find disappointment of varying degrees has been a theme in my life in recent times, though, so this is just one more experience that I can learn from if I will.  An opportunity to learn.  But what is the lesson?

I think the lesson is to find joy and peace wherever I am, whatever the circumstances.  The lesson is not to depend on circumstances for my fulfillment.

My personality is such that I plan, anticipate, rehearse, daydream about the future, putting a lot of importance on the fulfillment of those plans and dreams.  When they don’t materialize, I feel disappointed.

I want to be fully myself, and that means learning to live with my disappointment as I live with the snow.  It’s part of life.


About treewithroots

Magda and Brent solve crimes and unravel mysteries on Mayne island. These exciting mystery/adventure stories for 9 - 13 year-olds, Magda's Mayne Island Mystery, Mayne Island Aliens and Mayne Island Skeletons, are available at various bookstores in the Gulf Islands. Amber enjoys reading to school classes. Teachers, please contact her if you'd like her to read to your class.

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