Terrible experience!


I bought a book for our The Mayne Island Toy and Book  Library through Amazon from SUPERBOOKDEALS, on December 12, 2008. It was a book that a parent had requested as one of her favourites.  My aim is to purchase the best quality books at the best prices for the pre-schoolers in our community.  While I didn’t expect a speedy delivery at that time of year, Christmas and New Year, I did expect to get a book.
Imagine my surprise when I went to the post office to collect the book  a month later, and opened the package. There was nothing inside but The shipping form. An empty package was all I got.  Try reading that to a pre-schooler.
I have written a note to SUPERBOOKDEALS, fully hoping that they will send me a replacement for the book I paid for.  I will let you know the moment it arrives.


About treewithroots

Magda and Brent solve crimes and unravel mysteries on Mayne island. These exciting mystery/adventure stories for 9 - 13 year-olds, Magda's Mayne Island Mystery, Mayne Island Aliens and Mayne Island Skeletons, are available at various bookstores in the Gulf Islands. Amber enjoys reading to school classes. Teachers, please contact her if you'd like her to read to your class.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your bad experience, Amber. I too have ordered from Amazon. Fortunately, my experiences have happily resolved with a new book in my hand. I hope your tale hasn’t ended and that it too is brought to a happy conclusion.
    All the best

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