Be here now


March 4, 2011:

I’m not sure what happened!  My blog of this title from two years ago disappeared.  Oh well, I’m still trying to “be here now” so I can just write today’s blog in this space.  I am finally getting out from under a lot of commitments.  I love my community and I love what people are doing to support one another.  I realize that it’s not all up to me, though, and that I can do more and better work if I’m following my muse, not directing the production.

Letting go of the reins and letting someone else drive the cart begins with trusting that others can do the job, not the way I do it, but the way they do it.  And that’s okay.

I’m working on a piece of writing that will lovingly break the bonds.  Odd choice of words, since bonds tie us up as if we were slaves, bond-servants.  I guess that shows how I feel about it all.  If I’m going to be a “slave”, I want the “freedom” to choose my master, and I choose my muse. Is this a contradiction?

Please let me know how you achieve freedom in your life.  Is it possible to be in the world and not be a slave to something?

Love to everyone.  May your life be filled with contentment and may you find your way.



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