writing a novel


It feels so  good to be on the seventh draft of my book.  It’s finally starting to sound right, to flow, to excite me.  It’s grueling, though, just sitting and writing and rewriting the same paragraph, sentence, phrase, until it sounds the way you want it, and to do this with 20 chapters, and then go back and do it all over again!  Who said it was easy? Not me!

I’d rather be doing this than anything else, though.  I’m so fortunate to have a supportive partner who makes meals and gets on with life while I bury myself in my work for hours and then pop up and check what time it is and whether the sun is out and whether I’ve eaten.

Net week I’ll have to put away my Magda book and work on the Sundance non-fiction book again, because I have an appointment Monday to talk with some people about it.  That’s why I’m pushing hard this week to get my 7th draft completed, and find an editor for Magda II.  And…I want it out by May this year!!!


About treewithroots

Magda and Brent solve crimes and unravel mysteries on Mayne island. These exciting mystery/adventure stories for 9 - 13 year-olds, Magda's Mayne Island Mystery, Mayne Island Aliens and Mayne Island Skeletons, are available at various bookstores in the Gulf Islands. Amber enjoys reading to school classes. Teachers, please contact her if you'd like her to read to your class.

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