Editing Phase


I’m meeting with my editor and friend this Saturday.  This is the next step, one that can be painful yet so good for the health of the book. Yet it can be a dangerous step.  I spoke with a woman yesterday whose first novel was published and she went on to write a second novel but didn’t complete it.  Why?  Because the editor recommended changes to it which the woman, for some reason, couldn’t make.  She hasn’t worked on it for over THREE YEARS.

I really love my first Magda book, yet think the second one is better.  MIA benefitted from my previous experience in writing a novel, though it didn’t write as quickly.

I hope to do the cover art myself.  I can’t bear the idea of asking anyone else to do it, considering how stressful it was for the poor dear artist who did the first one.  I think I know exactly what I want, and it would be a variation on MMIM’s cover.  Different colours, forest instead of ocean, light from another source than the moon, one silhouette.  Same lettering.

I have the back blurb written and have sent away for the ISBN.

After that to see my friend at Island Blue to determine how soon it can be done, and there I go.


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  1. I have worked with editors both as a knitwear designer and an author for six years. On the whole, these relationships have been positive. The editors, that I have worked with, have helped me grow in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without their support.
    However, I think it is very important to look at their feedback with a cool head. Their opinion — however well informed — is only another person’s opinion.
    As writers we need to fight for our stories. We can’t let someone else’s opinion crush us.
    And if we see value in our work, and if we need another’s support in the publishing process, we must search until we find that person. Not all writers can or should work with all editors and the reverse is also true.
    After all is said and done, our work is our concern. We can bring it to life, we can watch it die, we can keep it safe for another day — it is up to us.

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