“Engrossed is the bee of my mind in the blue lotus feet of my Divine Mother.”

Mantra – from Baba Ram Dass


Engrossed in the flour and yeast of daily life

Is how my life unfolds:

The constant round of building, making, planting, baking.

Bee-like, I busy myself with tasks

Of which my life is made.

My life.  I say, “My life.”  But what part of it is me?

Mind? Body? Soul?

In truth, I don’t know

The me that is engrossed:

Blue moods?  Joys?  Thoughts?  Actions?  What is left?

Lotus blossoms on the pond.

Feet on the earth.  Head in the clouds. Hands worn and bruised with work.

Of what am I made?

My essence lives in what part of me?

Divine or mortal?

Mother, please tell me.


Mayne Island  BC


About treewithroots

Magda and Brent solve crimes and unravel mysteries on Mayne island. These exciting mystery/adventure stories for 9 - 13 year-olds, Magda's Mayne Island Mystery, Mayne Island Aliens and Mayne Island Skeletons, are available at various bookstores in the Gulf Islands. Amber enjoys reading to school classes. Teachers, please contact her if you'd like her to read to your class.

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