New Year’s Day plus 52 days


My New Year’s Resolution this year was to do something, anything, to advance my writing career, every day.  Are you wondering how I’m doing?  I’m doing great!

I finished writing the first draft of my third book for the 9 to 13 year old age group.  I’ve joined two writers’ organizations, and I’ve written a letter to a publisher.

The book I’m writing now has the working title of Mayne Island Ghosts.  I know, the title isn’t very strong.  Any suggestions?  It follows Magda’s Mayne Island Mystery and Mayne Island Aliens, two books I’ve self-published and marketed quite successfully.

The writers’ groups I’ve joined are the Federation of BC Writers and the Victoria Writers’ Society.  I hope that membership in these two groups will help me grow as a writer and allow me to be published, if that’s what decide I want.

My letter to the publisher is waiting on my computer.  I don’t know whether to submit the fresh, new book, a chapter or two plus an outline, or to submit one of the two that I’ve already published.  I have been encouraged by a fellow writer to send my work to his publisher, after he spoke to her about it.  I want to follow up this encouragement while it is still fresh in the mind of said publisher.  What would you do?  Would you send a ripe chapter or one that’s still green?

I am waiting to hear your comments.  Please give me your advice on these questions.  Thank you.


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