Olympic Fever


Our family has never been sports enthusiasts.  We do not like competition, with its built-in production of  a winner and a loser, with the automatic sense of defeat for someone.

That said, we have been faithful followers of the Winter Olympic Games for these past two weeks.

As much as I abhor competition, I find beauty in the strength and coordination of the young athletes, whether in individual events or as teams.  Skaters, skiers, tobogganers, all the athletes are tops in their countries.  This is about the best playing the best, so everything they do is superb.  The differences are often just a fraction of a second or a centimeter apart.

Shared Wisdom Question: Does anyone else find incongruities like this?   How do you handle values conflicts in your life?


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  1. I sympathize with your sentiments. I am about the most non-competative person in the world, but I have gotten caught up in the Olympic sentiments as well. I wish that somehow all the olympic athletes could ‘win’. I hate to think that any go home feeling that they have lost especially when the difference is, as you say, a second apart. In my case, what makes it even more incongruous, is that my daughter participated in a couple of the protests, which I totally agree with as well. I think the steamroller of ‘these Olympics will happen whatever it takes’ is really unfortunate. Who knows how much in debt Vancouver will be in now that it is all over? And who knows how much bigger their ‘carbon footprint’ is, once all the excessive building, carting of snow by trucks, and air travel for all those athletes and thousands of visitors is added up?

    I think what we are experiencing is the different ‘sides’ of things. We are both responding to the amazing feats these young athletes have performed and to the commitment they have. The fact that only 1,2, & 3 can win is a separate circumstance. The fact that I dissaprove as does my daughter of the flagrant waste and expense, doesn’t change the truth of the athletes achievements.

    Anyway, I know how you feel as I have been thinking about the same thing for the last few days.

    By the way, I was curious to see where Mayne Island was, that you mentioned in your next post (my blog is a road travel blog, so I am always interested)- I was shocked to find it was nearby – I am in Victoria. I’ve been here on and off for the past three years, but Mayne Island had passed under my radar I guess. Now I know that it is the beautiful Island that we go by in Active Pass on the ferry.

    Also by the way, I ended up on your site from a comment you made on Kathy’s blog about her article on How to get a zillion hits etc.

    • Thanks for your comment, Susan. I find that the more I live, the more I see more than one side of every controversy.

      Like you, we used to live in Victoria and until we started looking for somewhere to live during our retirement. We had never even visited Mayne Island prior to that. Take in the island on one of your journeys.

      I loved your art website, Susan. Beautiful colours and designs.

      • Thanks for your comments on my art website Amber. And yes, I would love to visit Mayne Island sometime – a Gulf Islands trip would be great!

        I am going to put your blog on my blogroll to keep track, and in case I want to comment again. I’m new at blogging, and I’ve just realized how hard it is to find your way back to a blog if you don’t keep track of the address somewhere!

  2. Thank you, Susan. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll, as well. Isn’t this a lovely new adventure? I find it so inspiring to see what others are doing creatively and how the whole creative process is working for them. We’re all different, but there are common threads, don’t you think?

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