Magda project


As I mentioned yesterday, two fellow bloggers and writers from Mayne Island, Leanne and Terrill have both encouraged me to start a blog in Magda’s voice.  It sounds like fun, and I think I’d enjoy writing it, but I wonder if any of my readers would enjoy it.

The second part of this project, the second reason for considering it, is to maintain a connection with my readership, kids from about 9 to about 14, as well as adults who enjoy this genre. What do you think?

Please share your thoughts with me.  Thanks.


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  1. Drum roll….. now announcing the first every blog conversation hosted by Magda – more information will be available imminently.

    I’m just teasing, I look forward to your decision either way. I think it is a novel undertaking to have a character jump out from between the pages of a book and into the blogsphere. I’m intrigued by the idea but also recognize the commitment and challenge. warm regards Terrill Welch

  2. Thank you, Terrill, for your confidence in my ability and belief in it the project.
    I haven’t actually worked out how to do this or how to announce it. I love your drum roll, though!

  3. Do you have a subscribe widget here anywhere Amber? I looked but couldn’t see on. I’m particularly thinking about when Magda comes aboard… her readers will want to subscribe.

  4. Hi Amber I am dropping in from Kathy’s post and thought I would see what you were doing today. Actually it is a separate widget that you can put on your home page. It is okay. I know where to find you. We can figure it out when we get together.

    So good to see your blog growing:)

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