Walk, Write and Cook


It never fails.  Never.  When I put on my rubber shoes and walk along the pebbly beach, things come into perspective.  The small things really look small again and the big things are clearer and finding ways to deal with them come clear as well. Is this some sort of magic?

I have made it a habit to go to the beach every day, but in the past few weeks I stopped doing that.  I was working so hard on my book I didn’t think  I had time.  I didn’t make the time.

Writing feels great and so does a beach walk.  They both leave me feeling more fully myself.  I’ll just have to drop some of the non-essentials, like those blasted computer games, and make sure I walk on the beach and write every day.

Another routine that is such a gift to me is one I got from my daughter, Lace.  A young mother with two little kids, she found planning meals at the last minute was exhausting and time  wasting.  I now do what she does; each day of the week is a different ethnic meal.  Last night I made Thai food.  Today’s lunch was delicious leftovers from that meal.  Tonight it’s Mexican. I’ll go out later this afternoon and pick up whatever ingredients I’m missing.

So, making a  place each day for things that matter to me, a walk on the beach, writing, and meals that satisfy, are routines that work for me.

How about you?


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  1. Walking is my daily routine. I write in my head and then ‘attempt’ to edit on paper and computer. I need to take time to cook; I would be a lot healthier with my meals planned out. Great Blog!

    • Glad to hear you walk daily.
      It’s great to hear that you write, too. It all happens in your head first, doesn’t it? Did you ever consider carrying a recording device of some kind? Then you could get it “down” while it’s all fresh, and then transcribe it later when your walk is finished.
      Yes, cooking those daily meals can get tiresome, can’t it? That’s why I loved my daughter’s idea and tried it for myself. I have sweet-smelling cornbread baking in the oven, a colourful layered bean dish and a Mexican salad in the fridge. I downloaded all the recipes from the internet earlier this afternoon, and shopped for the few things I didn’t have. So easy and so much fun!
      Thanks for your comments, Gerardine.

  2. Gerardine and Amber, I write in my head as well. The first draft is always, written and edited several times before the bits find their way out of the keyboard into their electronic document. I hardly every write in hard copy with a pen because I have to think too hard about how to spell things. After years of writing electronically, my brain writes in my head in the same format – watching the words appear before me as if on the computer screen.

    I walk almost everyday as well… keeps me sort of sane – though some might disagree:)Great post!

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