Have I Done Enough?


As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, an old friend died of cancer recently.  Two friends are in the chemotherapy phase of their cancer treatment, and a little girl I know has been clear of cancer for a couple of years now.  I could go on, naming family members and friends who are or have been fighting this disease.  All of us could do the same.

This isn’t about cancer.  It’s about the gratitude I feel for having good health and about my sense of obligation to live my life appropriately and gratefully because I have this healthy life.  I want to use it well.

I was a student, a wife and mother, a teacher and a counsellor.  I gave a lot and felt useful.  Since retiring nearly five years ago, I tried to contribute, by founding a society that brings programs to my island for families with babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and being part of the Emergency Services here.

My writing brings me a new kind of satisfaction.  I share some of my own thoughts and feelings about life.  I entertain. I bring pleasure to readers.  I’m not solving world problems, but I do bring something to the world that’s positive.

Beyond that, I try to live an honest, conscious life.  I try to connect with things and people in my environment each day in ways I consider to be positive.  I take the time to enjoy the wind in the treetops and notice the expression on a person’s face.  I lend a hand where I can and talk with people I meet.  Authenticity and connectedness are my goals.

I try to live each day and each moment of each day as though it mattered.

Maybe that’s enough.

What do you think?


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  1. Amber you have done enough, but “enough” is not really in your vocabulary, because you always have more to give, more to teach, more to write and oddles of love to give!!! You have touched the lives of so many and you continue to do so on a minute by minute basis! Let me just name a few…..Jason and I, we are so a grateful that our children have such a loving and patient Grandma (and Grampy!!)! The deer on your island are so grateful to you, for letting them in your yard to eat all of the sweet, delectable plants in your gardens! Your cats are forever grateful to you for scaring away any threats (except for your screeching grandkids, of course they are exempt 😀 ) that may enter their domain. Each and evry child and parent you have met ( I dare say in thousands!!!) have then passed on your love, patience, knowlegde and kindness…can we say trickle effect!!? You remind me of a bottle of champagne, continuously pouring on an ever growing champagne glass tower. You fill ever person until they are overflowing, and then they, in turn, fill every person they know. Get the picture Lady? You are one in a million and you have have touched the whole world whether you think it or not. Thank you Amber for all that you do for me, for forgiving me and loving me, and being a great friend, a great listener and a great hugger! I love you!
    Sniff! Sniff! xoxoxoxo

  2. Dear Greta,
    Thank you for the lovely things you said about me. It’s hard to stand in another’s shoes and feel their doubts and fears, especially when you’re so close. I’m happy that you are such a great supporter, though, and hope you always will be.
    xo Amber

  3. Amber I like the reflection in your post. Reminds me of others of your words – wisdom in the passage of time. For me, I think it is enough. Enough to hear the winds in the tree tops. Enough to bring a smile to another’s face when greeting. And more than enough to write words that give happiness and pleasure in their stories to others. So, in answer to your question Amber – Yes, it is enough:)

    • Thank you for your kind words, Terrill. It is sometimes harder to appreciate yourself than it is to appreciate others. I wonder if that’s a concern for you and if so, how you deal with it.

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