Blogging vs Writing


For the past few days I’ve been reading and writing on other people’s blogs, and adding to mine.  I’ve joined a blog that gives writing prompts.   I am now part of a new on-line critique group, as well.  I went to see the woman who is illustrating a picture book I’ve written to  see the work she’s done. I put out feelers regarding my Sundance book , to find people willing to read a few chapters and critique them, and got a few positive responses.

What I have not done, is write my Magda book.  The last time I wrote was a week ago, and that was to edit my work.

I am frustrated.  I need to write!


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  1. Hi Amber. Oh isn’t it challenging to keep to writing? In November I did Na-No-Wri Mo and the support of all of us working together actually helped to keep us on task. Have you tried writing down some thoughts about what is preventing you from writing? I know sometimes that helps me to move through the stuck times. Good luck!

    • Dear Kathy. Thank you for your understanding and your good advice. I also read your “Rejected Blogs”
      and was reminded, in reference to my writing blocks of the Pete Seeger song “Turn, Turn, Turn”
      based on Ecclesiastes,
      Happy Easter.

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