Love Letters


He loved her, was engaged to her, in fact, but he lost her love.  Why?  Because she listened to lies about him and believed them.  That’s part of the plot for the latest Magda Series book I’m writing.

Writing love letters from a man to a woman is a new challenge.  I spend part of each morning composing them.  This is serious stuff.  This man (I’m calling him Paul for now) will be changed by what happens.  His attitude toward life will become duller, harsher, greyer. I have to get it just right.  So first I have to express the joy he feels, his affection for his beloved, his hopes for their future.  Then I describe his confusion, and anger.  Then, of course, I need to show his resignation to the truth of his situation.  Will he still hope?  I wonder.

People ask me how I write my mystery series for young readers.  It usually starts with a situation, a conflict or a challenge, that involves a character or characters.  How do characters face events?  What do they feel?  What do they do?  Can they resolve the problem and find some satisfaction?  It’s about being true to the characters and finding the path they would take to a resolution.

Because the setting for my books is Mayne Island, I like to show the beauty of the island and some of its unique characteristics.  I’ve been told that Mayne Island is like a character in itself.

So now I’m going to write another love letter, from a man who is losing the woman he loved and the future he had imagined they would have together.  How will this work out?  We’ll see.


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  1. Hi Amber,
    Aren’t you the ambitious one. A love letter from a man to a woman (written by a woman). I’ve tested the waters in that area last year and enjoy doing that with my female characters in the current project. It’s a huge challenge but the reward is unforseen. I love the challenge. A suggestion…take a look at some love songs by men. Some poetry is difficult because those men are overly in touch with their femininity in my estimation. This may give some areas of understanding. It’s a fine balance. I’ve always thought if the sexes could try and see a tinge of what the other feels (instead of simply patience)…well, that could lead to something scary amazing.

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