My First Ever Interview


Okay, it wasn’t the New York Times, but here on Mayne Island and interview in the MayneLiner Magazine is a very big deal.  The editor, Bill Maylone, asked me if he could talk to me about my creative process when writing my Magda series of books with the intention of publishing the interview in the July MayneLiner.  I agreed, but with trepidation because I had no idea what he would ask me or what I would say.  I really had never thought about how I wrote; I just wrote.  The interview revealed to me a few things about my creative process, and these were that my own experiences have a great influence on what I write about and that my professional background in teaching and counselling influences how I approach my characters.

Bill Maylone was able to engage me in conversation about long-ago decisions and experiences that I was only vaguely aware of.  I was quite surprised when I read the article for approval, that he had focused on parts of my life I had mentioned in passing but when examined I realized were influential in creating my mystery stories of Magda and her friends on Mayne Island, their adventures, their friendships, their goals, their inner struggles, and their values.

If you would like to read the complete interview, it’s in the July issue of the MayneLiner Magazine.


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