Kindred Spirits


According to my on-line dictionary, a kindred spirit is someone who feels and thinks the way you do.

To me a kindred spirit is a friend who shares my sensitivities.  We see beauty in the same things, have a similar sense of humor, and generally enjoy one another  because we’re “on the same wavelength.”

I first encountered the concept of “kindred Spirits” in Anne of Green Gables.  I started to read L.M.Montgomery’s series of books about Anne when I was in Grade 4, and read her first one many, many times over the years. Best friends is another expression that implies the same as Kindred spirits, and Anne and Diana were just that.

How many of you have a “kindred spirit?”  How old were you when you became kindred spirits with your friend?


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  1. Anne of Green Gables is my most absolute favourite book/ movie…. oh how I wanted a Gillbert my whole childhood! A kindred spirit is pretty hard to come by these days with everyone being so busy and stressed…. people don’t seem to have time to spend enjoying life….

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