If you had your own clothing line, what would it be called?


My tams and other crocheted hats are always a lot of fun to design and sell.  My brand name is “Tam-a-Lot”, a name my husband came up with.  I was making a lot of tams to sell at the Christmas Craft Market on Mayne Island four years ago, when I began this work, so he named the line for its abundance.

Naming things can be almost as much fun as designing and creating things.

What would you name your clothing line?


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  1. Oh what a fun question! My blog and the “name” I design under is called rambling designs, but a line of clothing, I think I would like to call it “area 51” . I would love “alien wear” too, but this (in a bit different spelling) is already taken by a computer company! 🙂 Oh! How about “The diva?” My son came up with that one just now! 🙂 I like it!

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