Homosexuality and the Bible


Ever thought about how relevant the writings of past times are to today’s world?  I read and re-read Jane Austen, and though society has changed a lot in 200 years, her humor, her irony, her insights, are still just right for today.

However, there are books that are full of rules for regulating society, and they lose their power when times change.  For instance, a book on etiquette that insists that men doff their hats to a woman has nothing to tell the modern man who either eschews hats or has a cap permanently pulled down on his head.

This piece points out that following the letter of a very old law makes no sense and does, in fact, lead to cruel and horrible practices that have been outlawed for centuries.  But don’t worry, you’ll have a good laugh if you read this.

Homosexuality and the Bible.


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