I Got a Letter in the Mail


It was a real letter, in an envelope, with a stamp in the corner, and my name and address written by hand.  It wasn’t a bill or a reminder or an ad.  It was a real letter, from a friend.  How happy was I?   I opened it on the spot.  I felt like dancing along the road from my mailbox to the house.

E-mail letters are great; don’t get me wrong.   But this letter set me dancing.  My friend had taken pen in hand to write to me.  She had taken an envelope and addressed it.  She had bought a stamp.  She had gone to a mailbox and mailed it.  And now I was holding this creation in my hand.  I felt the texture of the paper, admired the colour of the ink, smelled the scent of it.

If you have a good friend, surprise him or her with a real letter today.  Send it with love and seal it with a kiss.



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