“Yarning” – Hats and Books


“Yarn” has a funny sound to my ears.  Say it: “Yarn.”  Doesn’t it sound funny?  There’s a twang, a drawl, a kind of “hillbilly” sound to it.

So when I use “yarn” to crochet my hats, or tell “yarns,” as some people refer to them, when I write my books, I find myself chuckling at this word with its two meanings.  How odd, that both of my daily pastimes, crocheting and writing, are both connected with this odd-sounding word, “yarn.”

Another odd coincidence is that two of my Mayne Island friends, Leanne Dyck  and Celia Leaman, have the same  combination of interests.  Both these women knit and write.  Like me, they spend a good part of their lives involved in using yarn and telling yarns.

I wonder if there are a lot of people who write and use yarn in their daily lives.  Perhaps this is a combination unique to Mayne Island.

If you use yarn and tell yarns, I’d love to hear from you.  Or if you know others with these two passions, please let me know.

Okay.  Back to my novel.  I’ll take a break from it later and continue working on the beret I’m designing.  I have some beautiful yarn I want to work into it.


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