No Pipeline, Please


The land and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest, on BC’s north and central Pacific coast, is home to humpback whales, wild salmon, wolves, grizzly bears, and the white spirit bear. This unique environment is threatened by Enbridge, who plan to bring an oil pipeline and supertankers to these fragile habitats.

This proposal is opposed by first nations people along the coastline whose land and way of life are also being threatened.

If you care about this amazing, spectacular part of the world, please help to prevent this pipeline and the tankers that are planned, from destroying it.  You know that it will.  You know that there will be an oil spill.  And you know what that will do to every living thing in that area for years afterwards.  This is a bigger issue than you can imagine.  Please join in the movement to prevent it.

Go to

to watch the video that will inform you if you don’t know about it.



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