Is it a Broken Toe?


Okay, let’s hear you laughing.  A stubbed toe! Dear-o-dear, what a calamity!

What I have to say back is, “Ouch!  It really hurts!”

I have arthritis, and that toe hasn’t bent for a few years.  I think it did, in fact, bend on Friday, when I stubbed it and fell.  Now it is very swollen and quite black and purple.

I live on a small Gulf Island (Mayne Island) and we don’t have an Emergency Room, just a clinic, not open on week-ends.  I don’t want to bother a doctor to come to the island just to look at a stubbed toe!

I’ve used Arnica, bot the homeopathic remedy and the salve.  Any ideas what else I should do? 

And I don’t mind if you laugh.  Laughter is good for us, after all.


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