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Writing a Eulogy


Writing a Eulogy.


What I Mean by Happy New Year


This year has seen good friends passing away and others just hanging onto life. It has also seen our family increasing and decreasing. Things we can’t control beset us, and all we can do is learn how to “keep on Keeping on.” Thank you to my dear husband Joel and other dear people, young and old, without whom it would have been much harder. I hope I will do a better job of accepting life’s inevitable sorrows in the year ahead. I hope all of us will embrace the joys and bear with the pain and become deeper and stronger in spirit. That’s what I mean when I wish you all a “Happy New Year.”



In 2011, Grandparents Day fell on September 11th


If your grandchildren didn’t acknowledge you on that day, it’s probably because other things of greater importance were happening, like the commemoration of the events that occurred ten years ago.

However, if you are fortunate enough to have grandchildren, remember that they are growing up faster than you are growing old, and enjoy every moment that you can with them.  You’ll live on in their memories long after your body is used up.  Make the memories significant.  Give them the best of who you are.  It’s really the only legacy worth leaving.