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Why Reading Fiction is Good For Us


“If you read fiction, what you get good at understanding is what goes on between people.””

Brain scans, experiments and studies indicate that we really get better at understanding people and their interactions if we read fiction.  And if we talk about what we’ve read, perhaps with a friend or more formally in book groups, our understanding increases.  So don’t think of reading and talking about novels as simply a wonderful way for us to pass the time.  Think of it also as educational, a study in human psychology.



Saving a Whale



You have to watch this beautiful video.  If you ever doubted that whales were at least on a par with humans emotionally, you will not doubt it again after seeing this.

Was the freed humpback whale expressing exuberance, joy, at being free?  Or was she showing with her whole being how grateful she was to the humans that freed her and gave her back her life?

You decide.