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Free “Skeletons” for month of October, until Hallowe’en


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Amber Harvey, Author of Magda Mystery Series

Magda and Brent explore a haunted house, solve mysteries and find the mystery of the missing bodies on Mayne Island. This is the third in a series of Stand Alone Books.  Mystery, adventure, excitement!!  See reviews on my blog:http://treewithroots.ca/

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Amber Harvey


Mayne Island Skeletons reviewed: “We can ,,, taste the blackberries”


Magda’s curiosity and loyalty lead her into investigations set on her Mayne Island home.  We can smell the Gulf Island fir-scented mornings and taste the blackberries as she navigates daily life as well as the calls to adventure that stretch her courage.  I have read three Magda books with great pleasure and can’t wait for the next ones.

 – Jane Thom.

Translation, Please!


Mayne Iceland skeletons is the third book in the series Magda Mayne Iceland by Harvey Bernstein.

Yes.  I am Harvey Bernstein.  At least that is what translating English to German to French to Spanish back to German and finally to English did to this sentence:

Mayne Island Skeletons is the third book in the Magda of Mayne Island series by Amber Harvey.

Try it.  You might be pleasantly surprised.